rear view of the complex on the erie canalFrom sundries, pubs, groceries stores, and ghost stories to a unique think space

Long before The Space Between opened its doors, the three-building complex along Lockport’s West Main Street served a wide range of purposes. History and creativity live here.

A long and storied past

The storefronts of the buildings featured products and services like a barber shop, a community diner, men’s clothing store, full-service grocery store, cigar shop, and sundries – you name it, these three buildings provided it to the residents and visitors of the city dating as far back as 1842.

The basement of one of the buildings even operated as a saloon from 1891 until prohibition hit in 1920. Today, that saloon is The Barge Inn, an available space for 20 where ideas tend to come fast and furious in a more relaxed “pub” setting. It takes its name from the widening of Erie Canal, changing to the Erie Barge Canal. There are rumors of business owners and pub goers of the past visiting their old haunts from time to time, but they’re nothing to be afraid of. Ghosts like creativity too.

While those businesses are all but memories, the complex now serves a more up-to-date purpose – assisting companies as they strive to grow in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Companies and partnerships that make a difference

J. Fitzgerald Group (JFG) began as an advertising agency in January 2002, moving into 12 West Main Street in 2003. But even back then, they were much more than just a typical agency. In addition to marketing work, the team also conducted research, focus groups, and product testing for clients all over the world – and developed employee recognition and sales incentive programs for companies big and small.

The partners of JFG are bringing that same drive and determination to The Space Between by further helping organizations thrive with creativity and coaching that gets results. The JFG team has partnered with several life and business coaches, team building experts, and trainers to help guide services and provide an experience like no other.

Inspiration for a better future  

The Barge Inn Pub/ Bar in the Lower bulidingIn 2016, the staff of JFG took part in a creative problem-solving session. After a series of successful exercise and few pints at The Barge Inn, the idea for The Space Between was born.

Combining the unique talents of JFG and select facilitators, The Space Between is designed as a place to retool your thinking; to breathe new life into your company, and to unlock your creative potential. When you book a company experience at The Space Between you’ll not only step back in time – you’ll also take a step toward a better future.