It’s No Trick – Videos Are a Treat for Audiences

Audiences today love video. Whether it’s watching TED Talks on YouTube, streaming unique originals from digital video services, or seeing video updates on social media, video is everywhere making it increasingly important to give it attention as part of your marketing. Making video might seem intimidating, but there are many benefits for brands and it’s really simpler than you might think.

Video In Demand

Consumers are more and more plugged in with video devices, whether it’s smart TVs or smartphones. Streaming platforms and social media have made video more accessible to more people than ever before, and it’s quickly surged as a preferred method of engagement among audiences.

In fact, 54 percent of polled respondents in a HubSpot survey said that they would prefer to see video content from brands of business they support. That beat out emails and newsletters by 8 percent as the top preferred method of engagement. Video is the leading option for connecting with audiences, so making it part of your marketing needs to be a priority.

Behind the Scenes of Cornerstone VideoShooting for Success

Video has also been proven to help in a variety of other ways, as well. According to Social Media Today, the use of video on a website landing page can help drive up conversions by as much as 80 percent. Speaking of social media, videos posted on these networks are also more popular and likely to be shared. More than three-quarters of those polled said they would share an entertaining brand video with their friends and followers, helping organically spread your brand awareness.

Google likes video too. In the same article, Social Media Today says that pages with video content have a 53 times higher chance of ranking on the first page of search results. Getting your brand in front of search audiences is a huge benefit, and showing up in the top results for a customer’s search dramatically increases the chance for your business to make a sale.

Making It Look Easy

Producing a video sounds difficult for most people, but the truth is that you don’t have to invest in expensive equipment to make a quality video. In fact, you may have all the tools you need in your hands right now – a smartphone.

Nearly every modern smartphone has a powerful camera that’s capable of shooting video. Plus, smart devices can connect with your social media accounts easily, making it a breeze to upload your shoot or even livestream to really increase engagement at a live event.

Scripted for Accuracy

While live videos are easy since they’re simply capturing action as it happens, a staged video that’s designed to provide information or expertise requires a bit more preparation. One of the best things you can do to prepare is draft a script that outlines the scene, conversation and setting to help streamline your video shoot.

Having a script makes it easy to follow along when shooting video and gives the subjects in the video their talking points or full dialogue. It also allows you to ensure everything you want to include in your video is covered and written down on paper before you get to making your video. That helps prevent any last-minute revisions or panicked changes when shooting and allows you streamline your video production.

Topics that Excite

Successful videos have a few features in common. First is that they cover a topic of interest to your audience. Next, they do it in an easily accessible and engaging way. They also blend in humor or intrigue to keep viewers watching, and finally leave them more informed than before they watched. In sales environments, they also help guide viewers to the next step, whether that’s calling for information or linking to an online purchasing point.

It’s important to keep this in mind when planning your video. For example, the dimensions of a sofa are an important bit of information for prospective buyers, but simply rattling off numbers of inches is pretty boring information. Instead, have fun with this information and present it creatively. Perhaps your sofa is approximately seven chihuahuas in length or it would take 180,119,048 of your sofas stacked end to end to reach the moon. That’s definitely more interesting than simply saying your sofa is 84 inches long.

Windsong Video Production at Space BetweenFind Your Space

Finally, you need to find the right space to create your video. You need to have enough light, room for your subjects, and a way to set the scene with any props or staged furniture. We have the perfect place at Space Between.

Our unique design features a variety of environments that can be easily staged for any kind of video. In Towpath Hall, you’ll find diner-style tables and seating and a kitchen area – both perfect for shooting food-related videos. Next door in The Escarpment, the large central table and wall-mounted TV can create a modern and hip office meeting feel, or the whiteboards can help with a collaborative conference feel.

Downstairs in the Low Bridge Room, the tables and chairs create a classroom setting that’s perfect for a training video or school-like environment. Plus, the other spaces throughout Space Between can create a pub scene, relaxing patio setting, a gaming or arcade-style environment, intimate meeting space and much more.

Space Between has even been used for professional commercial production, including spots for Western New York clients like Cornerstone Community Federal Credit Union and Windsong Radiology Group. Click the links to see examples of finished spots you may have seen airing on area TV stations that were filmed right here, or read up on Windsong’s production process in our case study.

Plan Your Video at Space Between

Whether you’re brainstorming the details, strategizing how to use video effectively, or need the perfect place to shoot, Space Between offers everything you need. Located conveniently in Lockport, we’re minutes away from anywhere in Western New York, making it a great way to get out of the office and help inspire, innovate and create. Learn more or book a tour today by calling 716.433.7688.