Nine Ways to Expand Your Creative Problem-Solving in 2019

A new year brings a new opportunity and a chance to try some different approaches to solving the challenges within your business or organization. In 2019, why not try taking a more creative approach to solving your problems and think more outside the box? Here are nine ideas to help you problem solve more creatively this year.

Read More – and Differently

A great way to get perspective is to read. Reading news articles, books or blogs on topics of your interest or even areas outside of your comfort zone can help you get some new understanding of how other people view the world or how other industries make sense of the marketplace. Who knows? You may even gain some key insights that can help with your day-to-day challenges.

Or Dabble with Writing

Sometimes expressing ideas with the written word can be not only cathartic, but open the mind to new inspiration. Not a writer? That’s an even better reason to try your hand at long-form writing. Take some time and an idea – whether it’s a pseudo white paper, an autobiography or a short piece of fiction – and spend some time nurturing it into something. Strive to write around 500 words, suggests Inc., and see what the creative side of your brain may bring about in your thinking.

See the World

When’s the last time you spent some time and traveled? Clear some space in your budget and your schedule and set out to visit somewhere new. It doesn’t have to be globetrotting – you could just take a weekend and explore a nearby city or unique destination – but putting yourself into a new environment and seeing places, people and sights outside of the norm may help put your thinking in a new state.

Dine Somewhere New     

Maybe you don’t have to get on a plane to change your perspective – it may only require picking up a fork. Have you had your eye on that new Thai restaurant or wondered if maybe you actually might like sushi? Expand your mind by expanding your palate. Immersing yourself in a new dining situation could give you a different perspective on cultures and approaches to doing things you’re already familiar with. For example, you know a lot of ways to cook, but seeing a chef working the hibachi is almost an art form. See if your dinner might serve up a side of inspiration.

Study Something that Interests You

There are plenty of new and exciting things to know in the world. Make 2019 the year you learn something about a topic that excites and intrigues you. Whether you want to know more about cosmology or cosmetology, robotics or rodents, choose a topic and pick up a book, audit a class at a local college or even just spend time digging into articles, news and blogs online. Opening your mind and absorbing new information can help you see the world in a different way and give you a new approach to solving problems.

Step Away from the Office

Getting out of your comfort zone and somewhere new can often give you a new perspective – literally. Try planning time working away from the office at a local café or coffee shop or plan an off-site meeting with your team where you can separate yourselves from the mundanity of the office. At Space Between, you’ll find plenty of space to host your team for a few hours or a full day, giving you a chance to think differently. Our creative thinking and ideation spaces offer blackboard and whiteboard walls, WiFi connectivity, television connections for presenting and more to help you collaborate and create, whether it’s a new strategy or a new product line.

Block Out Time for Free Thinking

Many of us struggle to find time in our schedules to grab a lunch, let alone to simply sit and think – but it’s important to do so. Instead of spending a few minutes between tasks thinking on random topics – or, let’s be honest, checking Facebook or Twitter – block out a chunk of time each day or even week where you can simply think. Spend this free time reviewing your past projects or upcoming jobs and see if inspiration strikes while you aren’t under the gun of other obligations.

Mitigate Your Meetings

Speaking of time management, meetings are the time-honored method of losing time in your schedule. Sure, they can be productive or important, but a lot of times they aren’t efficient or wholly necessary. Forbes suggests limiting the number of meetings or time spent in meetings each week and rejecting any requests that exceed your limit. This helps you balance time spent discussing against time spent doing or thinking of better approaches to your problems.

Learn a Language

The command of language breaks down the barriers between people and cultures, and can even help give you a different way of thinking. Language is a funny thing that way, and understanding the way different spoken or written ways of communicating parse or define a word can be eye-opening. For example, in ancient Sanskrit, one of the words for “moon” also translates roughly to “marked with the hare,” referring to the belief of rabbit symbology seen on the moon‘s surface – much like many people see a “man in the moon.” It’s just one of many examples of thousands of words across languages with depth of meaning to their etymology, and learning more about the words of other cultures that may spark something interesting in your own thought processes.

Find Your Creativity at Space Between

If you want to find more creative solutions and see how a different frame of thinking can help your organization, we can help you. At Space Between, we offer a unique venue for collaboration and cogitation, providing an environment that’s purpose-built to help you generate new ideas and see them blossom into something that can help you succeed. Our team of talented facilitators are also available to help you with team-building, strategic thinking and creative development, helping you find new ways to think about old problems. Plus, Space Between’s meeting spaces near Buffalo are available for half- and full-day rentals and easy to get to from across Western New York.

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