Five Ways to Guarantee Success at Offsite Meetings

wooden create word cut outCreative spaces inspire creative problem solving by following these simple steps

Sometimes trying to host an offsite meeting for your team can be a real challenge, especially if you’re going at it alone. There can be distractions, poor service at the venue, technology challenges, and an uninspired workforce that’s been taken out of their comfort zone. When offsite problem-solving meetings are welcome by your team, everything might go great, but if you ever feel like you just haven’t found the right mix of inspiration and productivity, you’ve come to the right Space.

The key to a successful problem-solving session or effective offsite meetings is finding a space that provides all the right tools to allow your team to explore and share new ideas, including creative rooms, up-to-date and easy-to-use technology, and guidance from coaching professionals.  The next time you’re considering a company offsite, consider these five steps to make it successful. Then, contact The Space Between to make it happen.

Get Inspired

Stimulate. Rigid corporate spaces enforce uniformity while creative spaces knock down barriers to free-form thinking.  When the Space is stimulating, you’ll get your creative thinking kick-started. Creative work Spaces touch physical, mental and emotional chords and foster innovation and originality, letting people attack problems more effectively.

Get Together

Cooperate. You can’t solve problems unless you get full cooperation. When the Space encourages everyone to work together you’ll be able to exchange and build on ideas so you can develop the best solutions.  Leaving egos and pre-conceived notions at the door are crucial to full involvement.

Get Thinking

Reverberate. The best ideas take time to develop and refine. The Space needs to allow you to reflect on the pros and cons, bounce ideas off of each other, and then come away with the best possible solution. You should also be able to bounce the ideas off the wall. Use blackboards, whiteboards, sticky notes, or other options to make the great ones stick.

Get Going

Facilitate. Sometimes you need an outside voice to help guide you on your way to success.  Using a facilitator to run a focus group, brainstorming session, or creative problem solving meeting delivers true results.

Get Loose

Recreate. Time isn’t the only thing that flies when you’re having fun. Ideas and innovations fly all over when you’re working in a Space that is comfortable and encouraging. Consider after-hours activities to further guarantee teamwork and collaboration that stays with your team after your meeting is over.