Make Monthly Meetings Appealing at Space Between

No More Boring MeetingsMeetings – am I right?

They’re the bane of many who work in office settings. They take up time, there’s always someone asking those inane questions that don’t apply to everyone, they seem to eat up chunks of the day and so on and so on. In the working world, they’re the equivalent of airplane peanuts – a seemingly good idea that has become the butt of countless jokes.

But, truth be told, meetings are still essential and serve a much-needed purpose in many settings. Whether it’s a monthly meeting to recap successes during the month or to outline sales strategies or product launches for the weeks and months ahead, these regular meetings are a necessary part of getting the job done. So why not have everyone laughing in your meetings instead of laughing at your meetings?

Do something different when you schedule your monthly meetings with Space Between. Let’s look at how our innovative collaboration and meeting space can help your team make the most of your get-togethers while keeping everyone engaged and involved in the conversation.

Regroup with Groups

When you book Space Between, you have access to all three of our collaborative spaces – Towpath Hall, The Escarpment and Low Bridge Room. Each of these areas offers room for small- to medium-sized groups, which means you can gather even large teams together and break up into smaller teams to tackle projects or organize discussions.

In each of the spaces, your attendees will find plenty of ways to work together to go over new material or brainstorm new ideas. Each room features whiteboard and blackboard walls, making it simple to jot down notes or sketch out designs. The rooms also offer connectivity with wireless high-speed internet, allowing teams to access the web for research or to stream videos or music to help with the session.

Plus, with the versatility of these spaces, you can configure the rooms to meet your needs. Set up the space to organize a roundtable discussion or set up a podium at front to create a classroom-like setting. Whether you’re working collaboratively or giving a presentation, our spaces will adapt to work for you and your work.

Creative Games

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. At least, that’s what we’ve heard. But sometimes, play can inspire innovation and creativity – the sparks needed to take a fledgling concept and build it into a firestorm of new ideas.

Brain Games at Space BetweenAt Space Between, you’ll find plenty of ways to unlock creativity with fun brain games and cooperative activities. Play with brain teasers that are designed to make you think abstractly to solve the problem, or help drive engagement with “Yes,” “No” and “Maybe” buttons to have your team weigh in on a topic of discussion.

You can even use the space itself to help with engagement. For example, try using the walls to play your own versions of classic trivia games with answers that relate to your meeting topic or try using the Hangman word game to get everyone thinking about the focus of your conversation in a different way. Plus, we also have the Clinton’s Ditch Game Room – an optional space full of games like foosball and table shuffleboard that can help break up the day and give your attendees a way to unwind and relax in between meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Break Up the Usual

Another common complaint raised by meeting attendees is that they are – well, boring. They happen in the same conference room at the same time on the same day month after month. And you know what they say about doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results? It’s insanity.

Engaging Meetings at Space BetweenMake meetings great again when you schedule your meetings outside the office. At Space Between, there are many different rooms to choose from, allowing you to set up your meetings in a different way each time. This allows you to configure the room to meet the needs of any given meeting, while offering an off-site venue where your team can get out of the office and into a new space – and a new way of thinking about your session.

With the available Barge Inn and Canalside Patio, there’s even a way to take your meeting outside in the nice-weather months, giving you a scenic waterfront backdrop to get the team together. Plus, with our convenient location in downtown Lockport, you can take a break to explore some of the Lock City’s history, have a treat at Lake Effect Ice Cream or grab a team lunch at one of the city’s many great restaurants. Lockport’s Flight of Five was a major innovation when it was created – perhaps you can find your next game-changing idea on the banks of that 19th-century marvel.

Schedule Monthly and Save

Space Between offers a number of meeting package options for teams and organizations. Groups holding four or more meetings each year are eligible for a discounted rate and can enjoy flexibility in scheduling and plenty of space to accommodate everyone for a new way to meet, think and grow together.

Find out more by calling Space Between today at 716.433.7688, ext. 104.