Space Between Celebrates Grand Opening

In November, we threw open our doors, set up the bands and welcomed guests from throughout the region to the grand opening celebration for Space Between. Attended by more than 150 people from dozens of companies, backgrounds and specialties – as well as local and regional government officials and media representatives – the occasion was an opportunity to see the different Spaces up close while mingling with staff and facilitators.

For those who couldn’t make it, let’s take a closer look at some of the Spaces.

The Escarpment
Offering a large central table facing a wall-mounted television with Google Chromecast, The Escarpment is an ideal Space for gathering teams for a central brainstorming session or to join in with video call from a remote office location. Suitable for seating up to 25, the room is made for meetings, with digital and tech options on one wall and a whiteboard on the other for in-house drafting, drawing and dreaming.

Towpath Hall
The second ground-floor Space, Towpath Hall captures an almost café-style motif. Featuring both blackboard and whiteboard walls, a fully stocked kitchen and handicapped-accessible bathroom, this room can hold up to 35 people, making it perfect for larger groups or full-day sessions. Host a problem-solving session, training course or simple join together to brainstorm and “tow” your ideas to fruition.

Low Bridge Room
Made for classroom-style, breakout or small group sessions, the Low Bridge Room is secluded, which helps to minimize distractions and allows you to focus on the task at hand. The furniture can be arranged into several configurations to suit your needs, and two small blackboard walls and a whiteboard wall allow for collaboration and presentations. The space also features a kitchen space for snacks or breaks, and offers easy access to the Canalside Patio to get some fresh air and a fresh perspective between sessions.

Lock Tender’s Landing
Unlike the main Spaces, Lock Tender’s Landing is a smaller option that is designed for those in need of multimedia-capable meeting space on a short-term basis. Rentable by the hour, Lock Tender’s Landing offers a kitchen space, meeting table with conference phone line, a television with computer connectivity, internet access and a dedicated bathroom. This room is great for staff meetings or planning sessions, holding interviews or giving a presentation to a prospective client at an out-of-office venue.

14 Upper- Game RoomIn addition to our meeting spaces, we also offer add-on spaces that can enhance your group’s experience. Upstairs, we offer the Clinton’s Ditch Game Room, a perfect place to unwind and relax. The Space features shuffleboard, bubble hockey, chess and other games, as well as a television and couch, plus a dedicated kitchen area for food and drink.

Outside, the Canalside Patio offers great views of the Erie Canal and Big Bridge – the widest in the world when first built. Located on the former canal towpath, the patio is a great place to unwind in the warm-weather months.

Finally, barge on in to The Barge Inn – our in-house pub space – and grab a drink at the end of your day. Adjoining the patio, The Barge Inn can host up to 20 guests with seating available for more out on the patio. Built amid the rocks that were excavated to create the canal, you can enjoy a drink in the same place where canal workers ended their days more than a century ago.

What They’re Saying
In the days after our grand opening and in the weeks since, we’ve hosted many different groups for tours and rentals, and have already started to get some great feedback. Here’s what people are already saying about Space Between:

“The space is very dynamic – from teaching seminars to meeting in an edgy space, to utilizing the walls for writing down ideas. A modern and fun energy to the rooms (Escarpment & Towpath) but cozy at the same time.” – Leah Langfelder, UBMB Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

“Eclectic and modern, yet very warm and inviting! It is ideal for meetings, small parties, trainings or even a creative think-tank type retreat.” – Cheryl Nardelli, WIVB/WNLO

“Both spaces are very useful for companies wanting off site meetings, training or informative sessions for clients. Incredibly unique, warm and inviting.” Darren J. Wildt, Chemical Design, Inc.

Book Space Between Today
As we wind down the year and start planning for 2018, we’re sure you’re getting your schedule together as well. That’s why now’s the perfect time to make a reservation at Space Between. Booking early guarantees your spot and ensures you have all the Space you need for your upcoming meetings, events and other occasions in the new year.

Reserve online now or give us a call at 716.433.7688 to book Space Between for your group, company or organization today.